We say that religion is false, but isn’t the phrase Universal Intelligence simply another word for God, or is this a sneaky way of getting back to religion? No! A religion, no matter which one, is an organisation created by men consisting of beliefs in an imaginary God located in heaven which involves prayer, ceremonies, commandments, rituals and the statement that this is the “infallible word” of God written down for men/women to follow faithfully, or if not followed one will be doomed for all of eternity in another imaginary place called hell. Another odd thing about religion is that each one of the various religions purport to possess the only and actual true word of God, a word which none of us have ever heard personally to even this day. The question is, why would this all powerful God rely upon something so prone to error and manipulation as the written words in a book when all he would have to do is to speak to each of us directly? How do we know that the written words in a holy book are correct and true? The more astonishing thing is that each religion purports to contain the only true word of God while in actuality all religions are basically the same. All religions have a belief in God or Creator, an eternal heaven as a reward and an eternal hell as a punishment for those who do not follow exactly the true word of God as contained in their holy book.

While this concept of religion with a man God residing in heaven, and looking down upon mankind passing out judgement and dispensing favours as he sees fit, was good and acceptable for that time which gave the unenlightened people of that era something that they could conceive of and believe in. However, as we begin to place these restricting beliefs in the past, it is now time to move to the next level of understanding. As the vastness of the Universe becomes more known to mankind that the Creator, whomever or whatever that is, must of necessity exist throughout the Universe and not just in a heaven on this tiny planet Earth. There are many different words used to refer to this Creator—-God,The Great Spirit (one of the better), Jehovah, Architect of the Universe, The One All Light, The Higher Process, Universal Life, Great Supreme Force, The Everpresent Yet Forever Beyond, Creator, and the one we shall use for our purposes—The Universal Intelligence. We prefer Universal Intelligence because this totally separates us from the God concept.

Some will say that this is still a limiting belief just the same as the religious concept of God. This is simply not the case because this is not a belief, it is an “understanding.” An understanding based upon thoughtful consideration of the order and perfection everywhere within the Universe, from the order of an atom to bacteria, to vegetation, to animals, to man, to the stars of the Universe, to the weather bringing needed rain, to the birds migrating, to the bodies ability to heal itself. All one has to do is to sit on the bank of a river and contemplate the perfection and order of all around them and there they will find that there is a higher intelligence behind all of life and the physical universe, if only they will have a clear and open mind. The idea that all of this simply happened all by itself without any order or intelligence behind it all is not seeing life and the world in its true reality.

The Universal Intelligence is perfect.